The event location

In keeping with the tradition, the main event of AUREA 2015 will take place in the most symbolic religious spot in Calabria: the Sanctuary dedicated to San Francesco di Paola, the founder of the Minims Order. Situated at the base of the Calabrese Apennines, a short distance from the old town of Paola, it is an impressive monastery surrounded by greenery, developed around the first chapel founded by the Patron Saint of Calabria and the mariners in 1435, and dedicated to the Monk of Assisi.
Presenting Renaissance and Baroque features, the main façade with a columned pronaos looks onto a spacious piazza. The interior is made up of two aisles of different length: from the lateral right aisle, characterised by four small chapels, you can accede the sumptuous chapel where the few relics and some objects belonged to the Saint are kept. 

Outside the Sanctuary on the right of the Basilica you can accede to the “Miracles” area, a route along the places that remind to the extraordinary actions performed by the friar: “the Miracle Furnace”, where the Saint made his own lamb Martino resurrect from the flames; “the Cucchiarella Source”, a miraculous water source where the level has been the same for centuries; “The Devil Bridge” which can be reached walking along the Isca torrent, where the friar fought and won against the Evil and the “Floppy Rock”, blocked in balance by San Francesco while it was about to precipitate over a group of workers.
On the pronaos’ right you can accede the interior cloister which has cross vaults: the frescoed lunettes tell some scenes of the Saint’s life. The convent is made precious by many pieces of arts dating back to the 16th and 17th century. The cloister also hosts the library which keeps precious manuscripts, parchments,  incunabula and rare books, among which a 16th century botanic atlas.

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